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Akshay Kumar Transforms Into ‘2.0’ BirdMan Villain, Throws Snide Remark At Women


Every news outlet there is, is talking about Akshay Kumar’s makeup and behind-the-scenes transformation for Shankar’s 2.0. Literally, every, single, news outlet.

It all started with this Instagram video Akshay Kumar posted, which shows Sean Foot, the special effects make-up artist who created the Avatar look, creating Akshay’s Crow Man look for the film.


An earlier photo the actor shared comes with this lovely observation: “I think I must’ve taken longer than the female lead”

Because nothing says progressive, modern cinema star with a large fan following as throwing snide remarks that reinforce sexist stereotypes of women being particular with their looks and thus taking more time to get ready.

Meanwhile, this is not the first time a Shankar film comes with intricate, detailed, special effects make-up. Indian – Shankar’s collaboration with Kamal Haasan, featured an aged Kamal Haasan as Senapathy. Kamal Haasan had a dual role in the film, and this required him to wear layers of prosthetic make-up while performing as Senapathy, and take it all off and play Chandru.

While Anniyan did not require much special effects make up, it did feature Vikram in three different roles, one of which was as the vigilante executioner Anniyan, heavily masked and cloaked and carrying a sceptre, a shout-out to popular depictions of death. The sequel to 2.0, Enthiran, also featured Rajinikanth wearing a body suit and heavy make-up as Chitti the robot.

Now in the latest film, Rajinikanth is reportedly wearing a body suit that weighs about 14 kilos.

2.0 starring Rajininkanth, Amy Jackson, Akshay Kumar and others, and directed by Shankar, will release on November 29. The film, produced by Lyca Productions reportedly came in on a budget exceeding 600 crores and features the CGI and VFX work of over 25 studios from around the world.

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