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Akshaye Khanna Has A ‘Morbid’ Fear Of The Press

Akshaye Khanna has admitted to a ‘morbid’ fear of the press. However, the actor does feel that it isn’t the most sensible thing for an actor to do. “I have been stupid to not put myself out there. It isn’t the most sensible thing to do. Actors need to be more flexible. I think I have made tremendous progress. I have a morbid fear of the press, being seen and being talked about. There is no logical reason behind it. Nothing specific triggered it. But if I saw myself on a magazine cover, I would look away. I would shut a paper if there is an interview of mine,” he said.


“An actor should be more public, social and on-the- face. I should change my ways in the coming years,” he added.

Khanna did reveal that he liked social media better.  “You can say whatever the f**k you want – be stupid, be smart, be insane, be you,” he quipped. 

Askhaye Khanna will be seen along with Sreedevi and Nawazuddin Siddiqui in the upcoming movie, Mom. The movie will hit the screens on 7th July. 


Pic: Hindustan Times