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‘All Credit For Popularity To Siddique Sir And My Fans’: Vadivelu On #PrayForNesamani


The world can be speaking about Nesamani, getting #PrayForNesamani to trend, and trying to find out if he’s recovering well from a head injury, sustained nearly two decades ago when a hammer fell on him in the movie Friends. As per the latest memes, he’s at Apollo and eating idli and kalakki. But Vadivelu, the ace comedian who played Nesamani is struggling to rein in his laughter as he speaks about the iconic comic scene.

Efforts are on to speak to the man whose hands the hammer slipped from, Ramesh Kanna alias Krishnamoorthi. Silverscreen is also attempting to contact onlookers Chandru (Suriya) and Aravindan (Vijay), and Gopal (Charle) whose shenanigans eventually leads to this scene. Rumours are rife that Krishnamoorthi has escaped under disguise.

Vadivelu says that even when shooting some scenes, you know they will linger for long in people’s minds, and this was one of them. “I knew this was special even then. I’m very happy hearing about the memes and that Nesamani is popular across the globe today. Ultimately, my fans and the families are the reason for the popularity of every single comedy of mine. All this credit and popularity is rightfully theirs,” he says, adding that “the person responsible for all of this is Siddique Sir, who directed the original in Malayalam and the Tamil version.”

It is possible, says, Vadivelu, that “Nesamani was such a hit because I literally lived that character’s role. And, for that, I will always thank Siddique Sir.”

For now, it’s a meme fest on Twitter, #Pray_for_Naesamani is trending, and after a long phase when the social media platform was used to trade insults during the election, people are finally laughing aloud. Now, can you think of anyone but Vadivelu, who could have managed that. Old, in some cases, is truly gold!

Watch the scene here:

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