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Allu Arjun in a New Music Video for Colgate


Colgate MaxFresh has launched a new age energetic music video, which teams the dancing flair of Telugu actor Allu Arjun with the vocal prowess of singer Anushka Manchanda. The track is called Taazgi Ka Dhamaka (Ghatuga Erraga Taazaga) and has been directed by renowned filmmaker Pradeep Sarkar. The music video was conceptualized keeping the target audience’s love for music and dance in mind.

The video is vibrant and fresh, featuring a mix of catchy Marathi, Hindi and Telugu lyrics with the Two States‘ wedding as a set up. Allu Arjun said the brand is all about energizing freshness. He said he had an interesting time as a brand ambassador and enjoyed shooting for the music video with Anushka Manchanda and Pradeep Sarkar.