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Amala Paul’s Love Anthem

Amala Paul, who will marry director Vijay soon,  is leaving no stone unturned in proclaiming her love for her fiance. Recently she posted a long flowery post on Facebook about her love for the director.


It seems like yesterday.

The toddler hanging on to

papa’s fingers went to school. Rescued by

brother during the occasional trouble,

punishments rendered by mom often

left the sentimental me speechless

for days

which will in turn make the whole house silent. I

was always their princess .

Time to enter

the next stage of my life, where my partner and

me are eager to spend the rest of

our lives together.

I met this gentleman,

an epitome of chivalry

and magnificent creation of god


with all the good manners a man should possess.

He changed my life,

my thoughts, and

literally swept me off my feet.

I am

drowned in love, drenched in care.

Thank you Vijay, for

making my life so beautiful.

You complete me.


All the world loves a lover. Especially if she happens to be a part-time poetess. And, 38,943 people are already smitten.

How about you?