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Amala Paul’s Pre-Marital Woes


Amala Paul’s impending marriage plans have not gone down well with a few. According to sources, the actress will no longer be a part of the Telugu film, Vastha Nee Venuka and the filmmakers are already looking for a replacement. It is said that they didn’t take too kindly to the fact that they weren’t aware of her marriage plans: director Ramesh Varma first heard the news from the media like everyone else. Another side of the story is that given the romantic nature of the film, he feels her marital status might not be beneficial to the movie. Apparently, the makers have even cancelled a foreign shoot and have demanded that the actress return the signing amount. It appears as if Amala too will join the long list of actresses suddenly finding themselves out of work post matrimony – and in this case, even before. Talk about double standards!