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Amitabh Bachchan Lends His Voice To Animation Movie ‘The BFG’

Amitabh Bhachchan in Randamoozham

Amitabh Bachchan has lent his voice to the Hindi translation of American filmmaker, Steven Spielberg’s, ‘The Big Friendly Giant’. He confirmed it on his twitter account. Parineeti Chopra has lent her voice to the lead female character, Sophie.

The Big Friendly Giant is an adaptation of Roald Dahl’s book with the same title. The story revolves around a young orphaned girl named Sophie, who encounters a ‘Big Friendly Giant’ with a kind soul. The story follows their attempt to stop man-eating giants who are invading the human world.

Oscar-winning Director, Steven Spielberg of Jurassic Park fame, directed the movie which has Mark Rylace, Ruby Barnhill, and Penelope Wilton lending their voices to the lead characters.


Its 1 July release in the US met with a lukewarm response. A rollingstone article on the film read, “The BFG lacks any immediately recognisable faces, there’s not even a flashy-looking monster to show off in the advertisements. All it had was an Oscar-winner better known for his stage work and a family of giants — who are, when you get down to it, a bunch of slightly-weird-looking old guys.”

The movie is scheduled to release in India on 15 July in four languages: English, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu.