Commenting on the actress assault case, actor Kunchako Boban said that the interests of the survivor was of utmost importance and has to be safeguarded “without any kind of compromise” and the Association if Malayalam Movie Artists (AMMA) has to provide a conducive atmosphere for her comeback if she wished to do so.

Talking about the issue in an interview, the former executive member of AMMA said that the organization will not be able to come to a decision until the court’s verdict on the issue is out. “Even if we do a 100 good things, we would be called out for that one mistake we committed,” said the actor.

Earlier, the survivor and a few other members had resigned from the organization after it decided to reinstate the accused actor Dileep into the organization. The decision came after the actor was let out on bail after spending close to 90 days in jail.

“One should also take into consideration the situation when the accused becomes acquitted by the court,” said the Aniyathipraavu star while explaining ambiguous approach adopted by the organization. “We won’t know the truth until the court verdict is out,” he said. “Once the judgement is out, we’ll be able to take a clear-cut stand,” added the actor.

However, it was for the association to provide an atmosphere that would facilitate the survivor’s return, he said. “But it is totally up to her to decide if she wants to come back or not,” concluded the actor.

Last year, the Association of Malayalam Movie Artists (A.M.M.A ) and it’s newly elected president Mohanlal came under sharp criticism from various quarters after it decided to reinstate Dileep. They said that a general body (comprising of more than 200 members) has voted in favour of the reinstatement of Dileep and during the process overturned the executive council’s decision expelling him.

Image Courtesy: Manorama Online