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Amy Jackson To Team Up With Anirudh For Aakko


Amy Jackson and Anirudh will be heading to the US to shoot the promotional song for Aakko. The song ‘Enakena Yaarum Illaiye’ was released on Valentine’s Day this year, ironically enough. Popular with the younger generation, the song has become a chart topper at FM stations.

Aakko is a youth-centric comedy directed by Shyam Kumar. The director had initially wanted Anirudh in the lead, but Anirudh declined the offer, preferring instead to become the music director.

The film stars newcomers Geethan Britto and Tulika Gupta. With Anirudh being the only celebrity associated with the film, he feels the fate of the film may be an acid test for him. Aakko is allegedly slang for ‘Aarva Kolaaru’.