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Anupama Kumar in My Son is Gay

Actress Anupama Kumar plays a crucial role in My Son is Gay, India’s first crowd-funded LGBT rights film. Directed by filmmaker Lokesh, the movie reiterates the importance of tolerance. My Son is Gay follows the relationship between a mother and her son who is gay. While Anupama plays the mother, gay activist Nakshatra Bagwe will be seen as the son.


In an interview to The Hindu, Anupama said that the role offers great scope to perform and she ‘whole-heartedly agreed to act’ since she fell in love with story. She said, “I believe in basic human rights; the sexual preference of a person does not, and must not, matter. I believe everyone is born equal and has the right to live the life they want to. This is a story that has to be told. The director has his heart in the right place, and I felt I must be a part of it.”