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Anurag Kashyap Slams Radhika Apte Video Leak

Director Anurag Kashyap has slammed the people responsible for leaking a brief nude video of actress Radhika Apte from his untitled short film meant for the “international market.” Radhika Apte had in earlier interviews spoken about the scene and how she felt doing it.

Speaking to the Times Of India, Kashyap said that he found it difficult to make the film because of a short sequence that required “completely non-sexual” nudity. About a month after the film was completed, the sequence found its way into social media, even though the unit had taken every possible precaution to avoid a leak.


Kashyap while expressing his dismay at the leak, casually insinuated that the leaker had to be an “Indian guy” because “other material that is much more sexual is available in the West.” The out of context leak, Kashyap said, sexualized a scene that was intended to numb and shock. He also added that such leaks discourage other actors from “attempting such things in the future.”

A complaint has been filed with the cybercrime unit in Mumbai, and the filmmaker is confident that the suspects will be nabbed soon.