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Anuya Voted Out Of Big Boss, Takes A Dig At Housemates Before Leaving


Actress Anuya, one of the contestants in Vijay TV’s Big Boss Tamil, was eliminated from the show last night.  

Juliana and Anuya were selected for the first elimination round after the audience vote.  The other contestants voted between the two, with Aarav, Kanja Karuppu, Vaiyapuri and Namitha wanting Anuya to leave the house, and Snehan and Gayathri Raguram voting to eliminate Juliana. Kamal Haasan, who anchors the show, announced that Anuya would exit the show. Unperturbed by the announcement, Anuya left the house bidding final good bye to her friends in the house.

Talking to Kamal Haasan after,  Anuya said, “I’ll miss Oviya a lot. She has become very close to me, and I find her cool and sweet.  But, it was very suffocating in the house with cameras monitoring your every move and I am happy to have been eliminated now.” She also gave nicknames to some of her fellow contestants before leaving:  Snehan was branded a liar, Namitha, bossy and Aarthi , a foodie.

And Gayathri Raghuram? She’s the villi

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