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APJ Abdul Kalam on Puthiyathor Ulagam Seivom

Former President APJ Abdul Kalam seemed impressed  with the child artistes in the upcoming film Puthiyathor Ulagam Seivom. The film’s storyline is based on how the actions of their corrupt parents affects them and how they reform them. “They told me how they changed their parents using their knowledge, love and affection which eventually made them not to accept bribe anymore,” reveals Kalam.


Further highlighting the evils of corruption, he stressed on the need to do away with corruption, starting at their homes. He said if children denounce parents for their corrupt practices, it would shame the parents into choosing the right path. Kalam added that he was delighted when he heard about Puthiyathor Ulagam Seivom and advised the makers to release it all languages to spread awareness.

Puthiyathor Ulagam Seivom is produced by Sri Teju Films and features a bunch of children, who participated in TV reality shows.