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AR Rahman On The Actor-Singer Debate: “Dedication Is What Matters!”

Adding to the debate of actors who also sing, music composer AR Rahman asserted that one is free to do anything, if he or she has is truly passionate towards it. Speaking at the Delhi release of his directorial debut Le Musk, Rahman emphasised that singing doesn’t belong to just singers alone. 


“It’s not that anything belongs to anyone. Anyone can become anything. Directors can become composers, composers can turn directors and singers can become actors too. I don’t think singing belongs to singers only. What’s important is that how sincere I am. I should not cheat. I should be honest to my job. I should try hard and excel in it,” he was quoted saying

The debate of actors turning singers began when singer Kailash Kher, in a recent interview, spoke about how if actors sing then singers would be left without a job. Agreeing with him, 21-year-old singer Armaan Malik called out Sonakshi Sinha’s supposed performance with Justin Bieber and said actors should stay out of a singer’s playground. 

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After insisting that the brothers Armaan and Amaal Malik wanted her to sing for them, Sonakshi Sinha released a statement refuting the news that she would be performing with Bieber in his upcoming concert in Mumbai. 


Meanwhile, Singer Sona Mohapatra felt that Sonakshi was arrogant to have given her opinion on art and an artiste’s rights, if she wasn’t going to perform in the first place.

Rahman, who is also recognised as a renowned singer, added that one’s dedication to an art form is what matters more than what they do. “I am always worried about my performance – I shouldn’t go flat or lose the tempo, the song must have the feel… So, it doesn’t matter who is doing what, dedication is what matters.”