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AR Rahman On Gauri Lankesh’s Killing: “This Is Not My India!”

AR Rahman is sad about the recent murder of prominent Kannada journalist Gauri Lankesh. At the premiere of his upcoming One Heart: The AR Rahman Concert Film, the composer said:


 “I am so so sad about that. I hope these things don’t happen in India. If these things happen in India, then it is not my India. I want my India to be progressive and kind.”

One Heart.. is based on Rahman’s concert tour across 14 North American cities. It also includes video interviews of Rahman, his team members and rare behind-the-scenes footage that give an insight into the life of the music composer.

One Heart.. is probably the first concert movie in India. We wanted to give an alternate kind of movie to the audience because people have seen action, romance comedy and everything but a musical movie which have great quality and sound is something to look out for. All the numbers have been tested and people are liking all the numbers a lot. One Heart… as a film supports One Heart Foundation and profits from this film will go to foundation for elder musicians and educational cause,” Rahman said.

When asked if an AR Rahman biopic will be made anytime soon, Rahman said:


“I am still young. May be somebody will make it after I am gone.”

His long-time associate Ranjit Barot, a music arranger for most of Rahman’s concerts, said: “I can guarantee that people haven’t seen a film like this. I am not saying this because I am featuring in it or A.R. is responsible for it. No matter how much you are prepared for it, you are going to be surprised with this film.”

The film will released on Friday in Hindi, English and Tamil.