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Arjun Sarja: ‘After 150 Films, I Want To Experiment’

Actor Arjun Sarja will be next seen in Nibunan, his 150th film as an actor. In a free-wheeling chat with the Times of India, the Rhythm actor said he was done with accepting every film that was offered and acting in multiple films at the same time, and wanted to experiment with new roles.

“I just want to be versatile in this stage of my career. For me, when I’m doing a hero, I should have the guts to do a villain as well. I’m doing films as a hero now. I’m playing grey characters. In Telugu, I’m acting as the hero’s father. So, I’m playing a hero, a villain, a hero’s father… all at the same time. And as far as I know, I don’t think anyone is doing this here. But I don’t believe in doing a variety of roles just for the sake of it. Even if it’s a grey character, the role should be something that stays in the minds of the audience. I’ve completed 150 films; let me experiment at least now,” he said.


He will also be  directing his daughter Aishwarya in her debut film Sollividava. Describing the film, he said it was a love story that would surprise audiences who know his work. “It will be very poetic. The backdrop and the characterisations will be new. I’m also introducing a debutant, Chandran, as the hero. He will be a good find for Tamil cinema. Then there is Aishwarya, who you will see in a different avatar,” he said. 

Nibunan will release on 7 July. The film, an action thriller, also stars Prasanna and Varalaxmi Sarathkumar.