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Article 370: Khushbu, Kamal Haasan And Other Celebs Condemn BJP

Actor-politicians Khushbu Sundar, Kamal Haasan and others have opposed the Central government’s move to repeal Article 370 (1) and 35 (A), saying that taking the decision without consulting the leaders of the state or allowing for discussion in the parliament was an assault on democracy.


In the Rajya Sabha yesterday, the BJP after ordering a lock-down in the state, introduced a proposal to scrap the two Articles, revoking special status given to Jammu and Kashmir, and later introduced a bill to bifurcate the state, with Jammu and Kashmir as a union territory with a legislature, and Ladakh as a UT without a legislature.

The Congress and opposition parties condemned the move and DMK chief MK Stalin, MDMK leader Vaiko strongly criticised the BJP. Actor Kamal Haasan, on behalf of his party Makkal Needhi Maiam, issued a statement saying, “Not withstanding the ruling party’s majority, it’s fundamental that such a decision is taken after putting up for discussion in the parliament.”

He said, “Article 370 and 37A have a genesis and any change to the same has to be in a consultative manner. The legality to revoke Article 370 and 35 A should be a separate discussion. MNM questions the attitude of the government to shut the opposition by force, which is nothing but a murder of democracy. It was demonetisation the last term and Article 370 this term. This is extremely regressive and autocratic.”

Actress and Congress member Khushbu tweeted that arresting leaders in the Kashmir valley only shows that the BJP is aware of their strength and fears them.

She told Silverscreen that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had taken the law into his hands. “Anything which discriminates our people must go, but you cannot do it by creating a fear psychosis. You have arrested the people over night, put top leaders behind bars, cut off all communication and connections. Why do all this if the PM thought it was the right move? Why didn’t he take the straight route and hold discussions around it?”

She asked that if the government wanted to repeal the law to favour Kashmiri pandits, why do it now and not during the last five years. “This feels like a move to strengthen religious divide. The sudden decision, like demonetisation, will have grave consequences and leave many questions unanswered.”


Actor, writer and politician Pazha Karuppiah said that repealing the Articles breached the fundamental promises made to the people of Jammu and Kashmir. “Constitutionally they were given special powers and there was absolutely no need to revoke it. The government says Kashmir is breeding terrorism, but how will this move help stop more people from resorting to violence?”

He added, “When people from Bangladesh settle in North-East India, the government has a problem with it, but it is okay for you to go settle in Kashmir? This is deeply disheartening.”

Meanwhile, most celebrities from Hindi cinema, including Anupam Kher, Dia Mirza, and Amala Paul from the south, congratulated Narendra Modi for the move. Director Anurag Kashyap tweeted against this and said, “You know what is scary, that One Man thinks that he knows exactly what’s the right thing to do for the benefit of 1,200,000,000 people and has the access to the power to execute it.”

Actor Siddharth said, “India is clearly in the hands of a master of distraction and a master of destruction. One has to give in to the fact that they are both masters and know exactly what they are doing.”

Image Courtesy: Bar and Bench