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Aruvi Teaser Out: An Intriguing Peek Into What’s In Store


Aruvi’s teaser doesn’t say much about the film. There are vignettes of Aruvi’s childhood – cycle rides with her loving father through hilly roads, a snapshot of a scene in front of a roaring waterfall and more. This is interspersed with television news channel style audio bites of anchors looking for a reason to Aruvi’s supposedly terrorist acts. A suitably villainous policeman interrogates Aruvi, but the girl is made of sterner stuff. Refusing to be cowed by the man’s threats, Aruvi says, “Kai Vai Paappom!”, with all youthful pride and courage.

It’s an interesting sneak peek at what promises to be a promising film. It has received glowing reviews from its festival premieres thus far, and plans are on to release it on December this year.

Early reports said that the film’s producer SR Prabhu was wary of backing this project. We will know why soon enough.

Aruvi stars Aditi Balan, Anjali Varathan, Muhammad Ali Baig, Kavitha Bharathi, Lakshmi Gopalswamy, Pradeep Antony and others.