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Avengers Infinity War Trailer: Thanos Is On A Trail Of Destruction To Get The Infinity Stones

The new Avengers: Infinity War trailer is out, it shows the ultimate face-off between the Avengers and their most powerful enemy: Thanos.

The plot deals with Thanos, who’s on a spree to collect the Infinity Stones which will make him indestructible. The Infinity Stones are under the protection of the Avengers and Thanos comes down to earth to destroy them and collect the stones. The trailer sees Gamora of The Guardians of the Galaxy describing Thanos to Robert Downey’s Ironman.


At the post-credit scenes of Thor: Ragnarok, Thor and his brother Loki were joined by the team of Star-Lord and the Guardians of Galaxy and the Avengers: Infinity War will take the story forward. In addition to the Avengers and the Guardians of Galaxy, there is Black Panther, Dr Strange, Spiderman and Ant-Man joining the team.

Black Panther, Spiderman, and Ant-Man also had cameos in Captain America; Civil War movie.

Josh Brolin plays Thanos. He is also playing Cable in another Marvel movie, Deadpool 2.

The film releases on April 27.

Watch Avengers: Infinity War trailer here: