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Baahubali 2’s Tamil Release Delayed Till Noon; All Morning Shows Cancelled

The early morning and morning shows of Baahubali 2 were cancelled today, the day of the film’s release. The delay is reportedly due to a settlement issue between the film’s distributor SN Rajarajan and producer Arka MediaWorks.

Across Chennai, morning shows that had sold for as much as Rs 500/- per ticket were cancelled without notice. A spokesperson for Baahubali 2 said, “We’re currently in the middle of sorting out this issue to make sure the film reaches as many people as soon as possible.”

SN Rajarajan is currently in Hyderabad to resolve the issue. Once a compromise is reached, Arka is expected to give Rajarajan’s K Productions day-to-day KDM licenses.


Rajarajan’s assistant has also confirmed that everything possible was being done to ensure a smooth release from their end. “We apologise for the unexpected delay, but this is only a few hours of delay. Everybody will be able to watch the film from 12 PM today.”

SPI Cinemas’ spokesperson has said that they hope to screen the film during the afternoon slot, from 12 PM onwards.

SN Rajarajan has been facing several legal issues in the past few days. A creditor, Karthikeyan, asked for a stay on Baahubali 2 in order to force Rajarajan to return the Rs 1.48 crores that Rajarajan had borrowed to complete Savaale Samaali. The stay order was recently dismissed by the Madras High Court.