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Bharani Evicted After He Tried To Escape From Bigg Boss House

Actor Bharani, one of the contestants of Bigg Boss, was sent out of the house yesterday. The decision was taken when he tried to escape from the house.

Bharani, who had been in a disturbed state of mind for the past few days, looked terribly depressed yesterday. He often looked at the camera and said,”I’m not able to stay here as I have severe headache and backache. I feel dehydrated as well. Everybody corners me in this house. I really don’t like to be here.” At one point of time, on seeing no response from Bigg Boss, he decided to escape.


Risking his life, Bharani hoisted himself up the window in the garden and climbed the wall. The security fence stopped him from leaving the premises. He spoke to Bigg Boss to relieve him from the house, and was later summoned to the confession room (where the contestants talk privately to Bigg Boss). He was asked to wait.

Meanwhile, the housemates, who appeared to be rude, did not comfort Bharani or even enquire about what he was going through. They ganged up and called him ‘mental’.

Later in the evening, Bigg Boss sent Bharani out of the house, not because he had requested to be let out, but because he broke a basic rule – one should not try to escape from the house!