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Bigg Boss Episode 18 Update: Namitha Opens Up About Her Relationships and Breakups

Bigg Boss Update, Namitha

In yesterday’s Bigg Boss episode, actress Namitha moved television viewers when she narrated her heartbreaks to housemates Oviya and Snehan. Namitha opened up about how she was depressed for five years after a breakup.


Oviya and Snehan were discussing about heartbreaks and Namitha joined the conversation. “Three times my heart was broken. All my three relationships didn’t last long. First one was for 12 years and after the break up, I battled depression for five years. Second relationship lasted only for 15 days and the third one worked out only for two months. After all these breakups, I am like…podhum da samy! When the third time my relationship failed, I didn’t weep, I turned into a poet,” she said. 

She added, “After a breakup, when I used to feel low, I used to drive my car to Marina in the night. I will park the car there facing the wall and I would sit for hours, just cry cry and cry. Then after I settle down, I would get back home.”

She also looked at Snehan and said, “You must have had a heartbreak and that’s why you are a poet.”