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Bigg Boss Episode Recap: Not Just Oviya, Juliana Too Crushes On Aarav

Oviya has a crush on Aarav and she told him so on the show. Now, Juliana seems to be crushing on him too. She chose to tell this to ‘Akka’ Gayathri Rahuram in Wednesday’s episode.

Juliana told Gayathri, “Akka, When I see Aarav, I feel something. I want to look at his face all the time. I am not able to explain this feeling. I just felt like telling you. That’s it. Nothing more than that.”


Gayathri, in turn, told Sakthi, Aarav, Snehan and Namitha about Juliana’s confession. Aarav said:  “Sakthi told me about a week ago that Julie kept looking at me.”

Meanwhile, Oviya danced in the rain, because, she “loves rain and cannot stop dancing”. Talking about love, she said: “One should not expect anything in love. We should just enjoy that beautiful feeling. If we expect something, we will be disappointed.”

As for Aarav, he does not seem serious about anyone, but is enjoying all the attention he gets from the girls in the house.