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‘Bigg Boss Tamil’ Episode Recap: Oviya’s Growing Popularity Saves Her From Elimination

Oviya Memes

Oviya, the most popular contestant of Bigg Boss Tamil, was saved from eviction last night, due to the vote of the audience. Oviya was nominated for eviction by the housemates for the past few weeks. 

Events took an ugly turn on Friday’s episode when the girls in the house bullied Oviya. 


On yesterday’s episode, Sakthi told Oviya, “I will slap you if you continue to trigger a fight among housemates.”

Unperturbed, Oviya challenged him to slap her.

Kamal Haasan interacted with the housemates on yesterday’s episode. An original footage of Julie backstabbing Oviya was then played.

While it looked like the show sympathised with Oviya, Kamal Haasan said, “We are not supporting anybody by showing this footage. Housemates often complain that they are being projected in a bad way. We are trying to say that they showcase their true colours on the show, and not us.”