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Bigg Boss Recap: Guests Pay A Visit; Kamal Haasan’s Appeal To The Audience

Since the contestants didn’t give proper reasons while nominating housemates for eviction, Bigg Boss gave all of them a punishment last Monday. All the housemates, except Raiza, who was the captain, was nominated by Bigg Boss for eviction this week.


Gayathri, Ganesh, Vaiyapuri, Snehan, Sakthi, Aarav and Bindhu Madhavi – all seven of them were nominated for eviction. Out of these seven, housemates were given a chance to save either Snehan or Vaiyapuri. They all decided to save Vaiyapuri. Following that, five questions were asked to the rest of the contestants. Gayathri managed to save herself from eviction after answering all five questions.

On Saturday’s show, host Kamal Haasan announced that Ganesh has been saved. This leaves Aarav, Sakthi, Snehan and Bindu Madhavi left for eviction today. According to the audience, Gayathri would’ve been ideal for eviction but got saved by Friday’s tricky game.

Meanwhile, actress Sri Priya and actor Satish paid a surprise visit to the show last night. While talking to Kamal, Sri Priya asked about saving Gayathri. Kamal replied, “I’m just an umpire in this game. I need to be unbiased and I am not responsible for anybody’s save or eviction here. Bigg Boss will answer this.”


Soon enough, Bigg Boss was heard saying, “I nominated all the contestants for nomination this week as they didn’t nominate the right contestant. We gave opportunities for some of the contestants to escape eviction this week. I feel the housemates should feel the responsibility to nominate the right person.”

At the end, Kamal made a sincere appeal to the audience.

“We should not corner anybody or make derogatory comments about any of the contestants as they have a life when they come out. They should move on from the show, that is my major concern. If they come out and read your comments, they shouldn’t feel miserable,” he said.