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Bigg Boss Tamil: After Bharani And Oviya, Raiza Wants Leave The House Now

There is another unhappy contestant in the Bigg Boss house — Raiza. She has been wanting to go home and even said so in the confession room yesterday. 


As per the rules in the house, the contestants are not allowed to sleep during the day. If somebody falls sleep, a barking dog will wake them up. But Raiza has been sleeping during the day and expressed her annoyance whenever the dog would bark to wake her up. Yesterday, when the dog barked and reminded her that she was not supposed to sleep, Raiza lost her cool. She told Bigg Boss in the confession room, “I cannot stay in a place where I cannot even sleep. So, if it is a rule that I cannot sleep during the day, then send me home. I don’t want to stay here.”

Even when Gayathri nominated Raiza for eviction and told her that she has become rude of late. Raiza replied, “Yes, I’m rude because I want to go home.”


Raiza was not interested in taking part in the task given by Bigg Boss. Snehan was asked to stage a scary act targeting one person in the house. So, he informed  about the plan to others except Bindhu Madhavi. While housemates participated in the game by telling stories about how they could see some supernatural activities in the Bigg Boss house, Raiza didn’t want to join them. She said, “This is not a funny task. We cannot corner one person and scare them. As this is not a fair game, I don’t want to be a part of this task.”

Housemates were upset with Raiza for her non-participation.