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‘Bigg Boss Tamil’ Episode 6 Recap: Oviya Has ‘Love Fever’, The Housemates Win Awards

Bigg Boss Tamil Recap

Episode 6 of Bigg Boss Tamil, aired on Vijay TV on June 30, 2017. 

As the contestants wake up, the women realise that Oviya is not well. She seems to have some kind of fever. In previous episodes, Oviya had confessed that she found Aarav quite attractive. Such a confession would of course not go unremarked upon. Harathi, Anuya and others make fun of Oviya’s fever, which Harathi describes as “love fever”. She also says that as per Bigg Boss House Rules, no outsiders can come in. And that means the other inmates of the house will necessarily have to play background dancers in the Oviya-Aarav love song. 

Snehan and Sakthi ask Bigg Boss to check in on Sree, who had earlier left the house for personal reasons. They ask the Boss to consider letting Sree back in, if he so desires. 

The inmates then perform their High Budget task of identifying the different participants based on old photos. Out of the four, Ganesh gets his guess wrong, and other three correctly identify Oviya, Julia, and Aarav. Over lunch, the team also decide to call each other by the nicknames they preferred when they were young. 

Then follows a bit of setting up an ‘Us vs Them’, with Julie being pitched as an uncultured, uncouth village girl, while Namitha talks of herself (and people like herself) as city-bred, “good girls”. However, this discussion is soon abandoned when the second half of the show is taken up by the First Bigg Boss Awards. 

Snehan explains the rules of the awards. He has been deputed by the Bigg Boss to announce the categories, and has the powers to decide the winner for each. 

Ganesh Venkatram wins the ‘Team Player’ award. 

Oviya is handed the ‘Hardly Working’ award, but declines to accept it as she feels she’s done enough. Snehan explains why she was given the award, and cites Bigg Boss rules, but Oviya refuses to buy it and walks back to her seat.

Bharani is given the ‘Dishonest’ award, because Snehan feels he doesn’t talk enough. 

Julie is then given the ‘Unhygienic’ award. 

Gayatri Raghuram wins the ‘Hard Working’ award. 

Ganja Karuppu is given the ‘Honesty’ award. He accepts it and talks about how he feels very close to everybody in the house, and how he thinks of them as his brothers and sisters. 

Namithaa wins the ‘Hygienic’ award. While she talks about how she hates wasting, be it food or energy or emotions, and likes to keep things clean and simple, Ganja Karuppu walks up and tells the gang that he’s afraid Namithaa will beat him up for not cleaning the house. 

Snehan gives Vaiyapuri the ‘Non Team Player’ award, for apparently not talking to the other housemates enough. Vaiyapuri accepts it in good spirit, and says he will try, in his 50th year, to be more outgoing and friendly. 

Gayatri then asks if she can also take the ‘Hardly Working’ award with her, as she thinks it will inspire her to keep working, and not become complacent. However, Snehan says he will take the title of ‘Hardly Working’, as he only orders people around, but does nothing. 


Later that evening, Snehan, Vaiyapuri, Ganesh, and Ganja Karuppu discuss Bharani’s attitude. They talk about an incident of a missing knife. Meanwhile, on the other side, Bharani and Julie are talking, with Bharani explaining his side of the story. Over dinner, Snehan brings up the topic of the knife again. 

Finally, Bharani and Ganesh discuss the awards, with Bharani sharing his list of ‘negative’ award winners. Ganesh does his best to play peacekeeper, and tries to soothe down Bharani. 


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