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‘Bigg Boss Tamil’ Episode Recap: Juliana Breaks Down, Shree To The Rescue

Bigg Boss Tamil Recap

Drama unfolded yesterday on an episode of Bigg Boss Tamil, anchored by Kamal Haasan and telecast on Vijay TV. Juliana, the non-celebrity contestant of the show broke down in the house while talking about why she would definitely be the winner.


In yesterday’s episode, each contestant had to explain why they could win the show. Juliana broke down while talking about her family’s struggles and her life. She also said that she was the only commoner in a house full of celebrities.

Irked by this statement, actor Sakthi later said that everybody was a common man there and nobody was special. Later in the evening, when Juliana was crying again, Ganesh Venkatram came to her rescue and consoled her.

The drama continued when Juliana accidentally cut her fingers while chopping vegetables. Actor Shree subsequently helped her settle down.

Meanwhile Oviya, who is in awe of Aarav, openly complimented him on his attractiveness.