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Bigg Boss Tamil: Sakthi Unaware Of His Popular Moniker On Social Media

Sakthi was voted out by the audience last night from the Bigg Boss house, while Snehan and Aarav remained in the house. Gayathri Raguram was inconsolable after Sakthi left the house.

Talking to Kamal Haasan on the show Sakthi said, “My stint at the Bigg Boss house was an extraordinary experience. It has taught me many valuable lessons. I have learnt to control my anger now and I feel that I’m a much mature person now. For a long time, I was known as P Vasu’s son. I thought that it would be very difficult for me to earn a name of my own. But participating in this reality show has helped me to an extent to stand on my own feet.”

Sakthi often used to the word, “trigger” inside the house. On social media, he is popular as ‘Trigger Sakthi’. But Sakthi had no clue about this nickname during his interaction with Haasan. Ulaganayagan mentioned the word ‘trigger’ multiple times during his conversation with Shakti, much to the delight of the audience.


Sakthi said, “ I used to use the word ‘trigger’ at home quite often, so I would have uttered it many times on the show.”

Haasan told Sakthi, “ Don’t be surprised if people call you ‘Trigger Sakthi’.

While playing a game with Haasan, Sakthi mentioned Gayathri as, “kuzhanthai ullam”. He said, “Gayathri is my long time friend and she has a heart of a child.” He was booed by the audience after this comment.