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‘Bigg Boss’ Weekend Recap: Kamal Haasan Explains The Infamous ‘Five-Second’ Video Clip; Bindhu Madhavi Joins The Show

Kamal Haasan, the host of Bigg Boss, interacts with the contestants every weekend. Talking to them on Saturday, he explained the intent behind playing the five-second video clip that the contestants were talking about the whole week.


Vijay TV played a small clip of Julie’s ‘games’ in last weekend’s episode. Ever since, there have been heated arguments about the clip in the house. While Oviya turned vengeful, Julie said that the video of Oviya “twisting the scene” was not played in the short film. Adding fuel to the fire, Gayathri Raguram also claimed that the channel had edited it smartly.

Refuting these claims, Kamal Haasan said, “Do you guys think that without seeing the entire episode, we would have played the short film? Also we don’t have any favourites in the house. So, we need not hide or twist anything. If Julie still wants to take the chance, we can play the entire video again.” 

Kamal then questioned Oviya about her vengeful act of pulling the red carpet from underneath Julie during a game. When Oviya admitted that she did it deliberately, Kamal said, “It was careless, and you must apologise to Julie for this. It could have been dangerous if she had hurt herself.”


Meanwhile, actress Bindu Madhavi of Kazhugu fame, joined the Bigg Boss house yesterday. Talking on the show, she said, “This show is very popular and participating in it will help me establish myself in Tamil film industry. Also, I have watched every single episode of this show and I personally feel that this will be a great learning experience for me. I have two month’s break before I start my next film and I’m looking forward to spend this time in the Bigg Boss house.”

While there was no elimination scheduled for this week, the contestants, who were not in the know, were told to ‘save’ one contestant, anyway. They wholeheartedly chose Aarav, and Kamal then informed them that there wasn’t going to be an elimination this week.