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Bizarre Rumours Surface As S Madhan Remains Untraced

Vendhar Movies Producer S Madhan has still not been found. Bizarre rumours with little credibility have swirled around ever since his disappearance. According to several news reports, T Siva and other friends of the producer are scouring Kasi in a bid to find Madhan.

Yesterday, a leading Tamil news daily claimed that the producer had fallen foul of a violent gang. Though the spokesperson for the producer steadfastly maintains that none of the reports are true, the rumours refuse to die out.

The producer’s colourful personal life has also become a subject for speculation. Stories of his three wives and an alleged new relationship have been circulating. A spokesperson for Vendhar Movies strongly denied all such claims and said, “Madhan’s family remains focused on finding him.”


Meanwhile, Paarivendhar’s PR confirmed that a police report had been filed against S Madhan.

In the complaint, Paarivendhar accuses S Madhan of using his name and that of the SRM Institutions to swindle money. Further, Paarivendhar states that there is no relationship between him and S Madhan or Vendhar Movies. A second complaint has been filed with the police against the missing producer, this time by the father of an aspiring medical student. The father alleges that he was swindled out of Rs. 52 lakhs by Madhan.