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BJP MLA Calls Anushka Sharma, Virat Kohli ‘Unpatriotic’ For Getting Married In Italy And Not In India

Once upon a time, a Bollywood actress and the captain of the Indian cricket team decided to get married is an extremely private ceremony, far away from the prying eyes, which left the nation huffed and puffed. Taking a leaf out of nosy neighbourhood aunty’s book, anybody worth their salt had an opinion on the wedding ceremony, the clothes – even the socks they wore, their guests, the vidaai.


Just when the oh-so-many images of newly-wed couple Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli were starting to phase out of social media and people were moving on to baby Taimur’s first birthday, BJP MLA brought them back into focus.

Not to be left out and displeased that the couple chose to get married in Tuscany, Italy and not in India, MLA Pannalal Shakya said that Kohli does not have the right to be called a youth icon because he did not marry in his own country. About time, somebody took out the patriotism card.


“They earned money and fame in India but they did not find any appropriate place to marry on the land where Lord Rama got married. They are unpatriotic for getting married abroad,” he said, reports The Economic Times. He was speaking at a government rally in Guna, 214 kilometres north of Bhopal.

Will it be too unpatriotic for the couple to scream out that hey, it’s none of your business? May be, there is something in the ‘How to be patriotic’ manual.

Meanwhile, the couple landed in New Delhi today and will host a reception tomorrow, and then another grand party in Mumbai on 26 December.