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Bollywood Music As Weapon against ISIS

The UK troops in Libya have a new psychological warfare weapon against the ISIS (Islamic State) terrorists. According to a Mirror report, the British special forces are blasting loud and thumping Bollywood music to unnerve the Islamic extremists who claim the music is “apostasy” or un-Islamic.

Reportedly, it was a Pakistani-born intelligence officer in the British Army who recommended Bollywood music as a weapon.


Under the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) force, the UK troops are currently training Libyan soldiers on driving out terrorists occupying the town of Sirte near the Libyan coastline. According to several media reports, the ISIS renounce anything of Western influence and are likely to find the Bollywood music playing an insult. Complaints made by them over radio will thus reveal their positions. Recently, the psychological operations unit intercepted the ISIS communications and played Bollywood music, and dumped two cars playing loud music near the town of Sirte.

Media reports claim that ISIS has been occupying Sirte for nearly 20 months and have over 4000 insurgents in the region.