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Brahmotsavam Producer Threatens Legal Action Against Vamshi Paidipally


Prasad V Potluri is planning to file a lawsuit against filmmaker Vamshi Paidipally. According to reports, Paidipally had agreed to direct a film for PVP Productions, and then reneged on this agreement. The film was supposed to star Mahesh Babu, who had played the lead in PVP Productions’ Brahmotsavam.

A source close to Potluri told Silverscreen, “Vamshi Paidipally had committed to a film with PVP. When the job of directing Mahesh Babu’s next film came through, Paidipally walked away from the contract. He is directing the film with another production house, which is in direct opposition to the contract he signed.”

Since this is a violation of their agreement, Potluri apparently feels that the case will be decided in his favour if he chooses to pursue it.

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Meanwhile, Mahesh Babu, the lead of Paidipally’s next film, also had a verbal agreement with Potluri. The actor had committed to acting in a film for the production house to make up for the losses it incurred through Brahmotsavam. 

An industry insider said, “Initially it was Potluri who suggested that Vamshi and Mahesh do a film together. But now, it looks like Mahesh Babu and Vamshi took their association forward without PVP as producer. This has irked the top officials at PVP to no end.”

The issue has the industry worried. “When a senior director flouts norms, it becomes a problem. But instead of going through mediation, immediately jumping to legal action and lawsuits might indicate a sort of contempt for artists. Everybody is extremely concerned,” the insider said.

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