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Burt Reynolds, Star Of Boogie Nights, Dies At 82


Burt Reynolds, the star of Boogie Nights and Deliverance, died at the age of 82 at a Florida hospital on Thursday. The actor, who has had a history of heart ailments, went into cardiac arrest on Thursday, said a report.

Famous for starring in the 1997 movie Boogie Nights, Reynolds had undergone a heart surgery in 2010. His manager told the CNN at the time that Reynolds “has a great motor with brand new pipes.”

The actor, who has nearly 200 films and TV appearances to his credit, started off with roles in TV shows like Gunsmoke and Dan August. His breakout role came in the 1972 movie Deliverance. He then went on to star in several successful movies like 1974’s The Longest Yard, 1977’s Smokey and the Bandit, 1996’s Striptease and 1997’s Boogie Nights.

While The Longest Yard was remade in 2005 with Adam Sandler in the lead, Reynolds’ role in Boogie Nights earned him an Academy Award nomination.

Defining Moments, starring him, is slated to release in December this year. He was also cast alongside Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio and Margot Robbie in Quentin Tarantino’s latest film Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. It is reported that the actor hadn’t begun shooting for the movie. It is slated to release in December next year.

His personal life was also a subject of constant media attention. The actor had been married twice. He was also in a relationship with actress Sally Field for five years. He shared screen space with her in movies like Smokey and the Bandit, Hooper and The End.

Reynolds and Field

Field issued a statement saying, “They stay alive, even 40 years later. My years with Burt never leave my mind. He will be in my history and my heart, for as long as I live. Rest, Buddy”

He had gone missing from the public eye fuelling speculations that he faced serious health crisis and financial issues.

Reynolds is survived by a son from his ex-wife Loni Anderson.

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