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Celebrities Appeal For Peace Amidst Rising Violence Over Cauvery Water


As tension seems to be on the rise following the Cauvery water dispute, many incidents of violence have been reported in Karnataka, especially in Bengaluru. Social media and news channels are constantly reporting cases of violence against Tamils and property owned by Tamils, including shops and vehicles, in the city. In the meanwhile  in Chennai, The New Woodlands hotel and a branch of the Karnataka Bank were vandalized. As law and order seem to have gone haywire, film actors from both the states appealed for peace among the people.

Actor Prakash Raj, who works in four Indian language films, expressed his hurt at the violence at display

Actress Khushbu, who is also a part of the Congress party called on the ruling BJP for ineffective governance.

Meanwhile, rumours were afloat that STR announced that his films will not release hereafter in Karnataka. He was quick to respond saying that the news was just a rumour

Kannada actor Kichcha Sudeep, who also acts in Tamil and Telugu movies, asked people not to post provocative messages on social media

While many people said that North Indians are insensitive towards the issue, actor Rishi Kapoor admitted to his lack of knowledge on the issue, but insisted that violence is not the solution to any issue.

RJ turned actor Balaji, who often participates in social causes released a video stating that only a few violent groups had attacked Tamils in Karnataka, he requested the people of Tamil Nadu not to retaliate and worsen the situation. And also requested those sharing memes and provocative statements on social media to stop, as it would only worsen the situation.

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