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Chef Actress Padmapriya: ‘Stardom Means Different Things In Different Industries’

Padmapriya says that the South Indian film industries are more intimate than the other ones. The actor, whose Chef released recently, told The Indian Express that the fan club culture is very unique when compared to Bollywood.


“When you see the phase of 60s and 70s, the craze for Dev Anand and actors of that era, it still exists in south. The craze is huge but that’s also for stars like Rajinikanth, Kamal Haasan and Mohanlal, especially for male stars. But of course there are exceptions. Like Khushboo too has a temple, people worship her. There’s a fan club culture which is very unique,” she said.

She continued that down south people have a lot of love and affection towards their stars. “The expectations are very different from a star and their fans. For example, Kerala stardom is different. If you’re a star but you cannot act, it won’t work there,” she told the daily.

Padmapriya said that stardom doesn’t matter much down south. This factor has helped the industry evolve over time, she added.