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Cheran On Rajinikanth’s Political Entry: “Do You Think You Can Really Handle This?”

Cheran doesn’t think that Rajinikanth is cut out for politics. A Dinamalar report quoted him as saying:

“The masses will definitely make you the Chief Minister. At present, the political situation is confusing. Even the people are affected by this, and they are not always honest. Politics is full of gamblers and frauds. Will such a situation be amenable to you? Do you really think you can handle it?


You’ve never been able to speak lies. There are several things you might have to do in your position as CM. You need to put an end to the forced imposition of Hindi in our state. You need to bring an amicable end to the Cauvery issue with Karnataka. You need to tackle the rising issues caused by liquor stores in the State.

If you want to do what you want to do, then talk with the people. Interact with them, understand their needs and desires. Act accordingly.”

While Rajinikanth hasn’t exactly announced his political entry, there are speculations aplenty that he might soon do that. The actor recently told his fans that he would join the politics if ‘God wills it’, a stock answer the actor turns to as a means of evasion.