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Child Actor Gourav Menon Says He Was Cheated By Makers Of ‘Kolumittayi’

National-award winning child actor Gourav Menon has alleged that he is yet to get paid for his work in Kolumitayi. Menon is popular for roles in movies like Ben, Jilebi, and Kolumittayi.


Menon said that both the director and producer of the movie had promised to complete the payment once they got satellite rights. As per a report in the Deccan Chronicle, Gourav said that he had acted in the movie under harsh climate conditions and did it only on the basis of humanity. 

Menon also said that he had brought up the matter with the producer, Abijith Asokan, who told him that he was dealing with a financial crisis.

Further, the makers have not yet managed to sell the satellite rights. They had also requested Gourav to do a stage-show for them in Chennai. Menon said he had agreed to do it and had gone there with his mother, only to be treated badly. 


“The shooting of this film was to end in April, but was extended till June which made Gourav Menon miss his class for more than a month,” says his mother, Jaya Menon. The two have filed complaints but received no justice due to sufficient evidence. 

According to Kolumittayi‘s director Arun Vishwam, the agreement states that Gourav would not get paid for the movie. “Gourav Menon’s family had taken an amount of Rs 75000 as a loan,” he said.

Menon said he would drop the issue, but was speaking to the media as he did not want other child actors to get cheated. 

Pic: IBTimes