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Chinmayi Sripada Trolled For Supporting Renu Desai


Singer Chinmayi Sripada, who not so long ago launched a petition against online abuse, requesting Twitter to get rid of accounts that use rape threats against women, was trolled when she supported actress Renu Desai. Desai, in a recent interview for a Telugu news channel, spoke of how she might remarry in the future. She and her ex-husband, Telugu actor/politician Pawan Kalyan, divorced in 2012.

Desai, who received flak from fans all over asking her to take back her comments and always be devoted to her ex-husband, had to clarify her stance on social media. Kalyan, who has been married three times, seemingly moved on from his relationship with Desai when he got married to Russian model Anna Lezhneva a little less than a year after his divorce. Needless to say, he didn’t have to face a barrage of comments on being “devoted” to his ex-wife.

For sharing Desai’s clarification, Chinmayi faced comments such as “You have no right at all to interfere in the personal life of Pawan Kalyan” or “Don’t hurt PK fans”.

Some even chose to drag her husband, actor Rahul, in this issue.

Chinmayi didn’t change her stance and continued to call out the bias that women face on social media.

Her husband, too, weighed in on the matter echoing similar sentiments.

Meanwhile, her online campaign – Make Twitter Safe – is still alive and thriving. Her campaign was started soon after the infamous #SuchiLeaks started trending on Twitter, when singer Suchitra Karthik’s account was used to upload explicit photos of several female celebrities. Chinmayi, who tweeted criticism of the account’s activities, was one of the major targets of the person handling Suchitra’s Twitter account.

Featured Image: Chinmayi’s Twitter account

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