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Chinmayi To File Case Against Dubbing Union

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Singer and voice artiste Chinmayi Sripada who has been removed from the Dubbing Union headed by actor-politician Radha Ravi may consider taking the issue to court.


A report in the Daily Thanthi, quotes the singer saying, “No formal explanation has been given to me by the union, but they say that I have not paid my union dues for two years. But they have never notified me earlier for non-payment of dues.” Chinmayi said she has been denied film opportunities after she was removed from the dubbing union, and is therefore is consulting lawyers to explore legal remedies against her termination. A similar case earlier resulted in a favorable judgement to the person who was terminated.

Earlier this month, Chinmayi tweeted saying that her Dubbing Artistes Union membership in the Tamil film industry has been terminated for not paying the ‘subscription fee’. In her tweets she said that no written communication or message was sent to her on past dues. And even though she hadn’t paid her ‘subscription fee’, it didn’t stop the union from cutting 10% off her dubbing income.

This news comes weeks after she accused lyricist Vairamuthu in the #MeToo campaign, and supported those accusing Radha Ravi, head of the union, for alleged sexual harrassment and misdemeanor.

Talking about it to Hindustan Times Chinmayi said that Radha Ravi has always silenced anyone who has spoken up. She said, “Radha Ravi has always removed people who spoke up. There are several cases and other news media has also reported it. I have been dubbing since 2006. I have never been informed about elections but he forced me to cancel a concert that I had taken an advance for if I didn’t show up at one of their protest marches. He said he’d give me a red card if I didn’t show up. So we’d have to go sign in a register. I have done all that.”

However, Rajendran, the joint secretary of Dubbing Union said, “Chinmayi has not paid the subscription fee for the past two years. She has also spoken against the union in interviews, and said there are more than 15 pending cases in the union. So as per the  Union’s rule, when someone doesn’t pay the subscription fee, they will be automatically listed for termination.”

Refuting this, Chinmayi claimed in a tweet that she had paid the life-time membership fee as of 11 February 2016 through a bank transfer.