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Complaint Filed Against Vishal And 10 Other TFPC Members For Stealing Documents

Babu Ganesh, Head of the Tamil Film Producers Housing Cooperative Society, has reportedly filed a complaint against eleven members of the Tamil Nadu Film Producers Council, including President Vishal Krishna, Gautham Menon, producer KE Gnanavelraja and actor Prakash Raj. 

According to the complaint, Vishal, GVM, Prakash Raj and a few others had entered the office of the Tamil Film Producers Cooperative Housing Society, and taken documents without permission. The complaint was filed by Ganesh at the Commissioner’s office in Egmore. 

Vishal, the recently-elected president of TFPC, has been facing heat for his comments on restricting reviewers, and now, on charging a fee for promotional material. 

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Earlier, Vishal had released a statement which said that the TFPC hoped to “bring back honour and value” for their content, by asking producers to not give away promotional content to television channels for free.


Currently, trailers, video songs, promotional clips, and teasers are typically released on YouTube, following which they are made available to television channels for promotional purposes. The TFPC is now looking to put in place a revenue model for promotional content offered to television channels. 

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Silverscreen has reached out to TFPC treasurer SR Prabhu for comment.