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Composer Iniyavan Refutes Singer Chinmayi’s Allegations Of Assault Against Vairamuthu

Iniyavan, a music composer, has dismissed allegations of sexual harassment made by Chinmayi against poet Vairamuthu. Iniyavan said that he was part of the group that travelled to Switzerland for an album release function in 2005-06. It was at this time that singer Chinmayi had said she was asked by one of the organisers of the event to visit Vairamuthu in his hotel room.


The allegation is entirely false, Iniyavan told Silverscreen. “Chinmayi was with us the whole time. The event organiser is Suresh and he has said that he never made any such request to Chinmayi. Also, he says that Chinmayi and her mother stayed at his home during the trip. So where is the truth to Chinmayi’s allegations?”

A total of eight songs were penned by Vairamuthu for the album. It was meant to raise funds for Tsunami relief. “They decided to host the launch event in Switzerland as there are a lot of Srilankan Tamils there. They were a heartbroken lot and so we thought this will cheer them up,” Iniyavan said

While the album had songs rendered by Chithra, Sujatha and Chinmayi, only Chinmayi was taken along for the trip. “It was decided to let Chinmayi sing all those songs live for the event. She agreed to come with us on the trip and was completely fine throughout.”

Iniyavan added that Chinmayi should have immediately checked with lyricist Vairamuthu or at the very least complained to him, once she received such a bizarre request from the organisers. “First, I’m doubtful whether the man who told her Vairamuthu wanted to meet her in his hotel room was a real organiser. Even if this had happened, she should have called Vairamuthu immediately and complained.”


Iniyavan alleged that Chinmayi and her mother fought with the team organising the event to increase her salary. “I think someone told Chinmayi that they were getting more money than her for the event. So Chinmayi’s mother got agitated and fought with the event team for a better salary.”

He also said that someone was orchestrating this controversy to damage the reputation of Vairamuthu. “Chinmayi is a good person but I fear that someone might be pushing her to make these allegations.”

Attempts to reach Chinmayi and her mother were in vain.