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Conflict Over Release of ‘Thimirupudichavan’

A new conflict has arisen over the release of Vijay Antony’s Thimirupuduchavan.


The Tamil Nadu Film Producers’ Council (TFPC) has not permitted the film to release on November 16, a date the council has alloted for medium and small budget films.

The movies that will be releasing on the date are Jyothika’s Kaatrin Mozhi, Nakul’s Sei, Udhaya’s Utharavu Maharaja and Vidhaarth’s Chithiram Pesuthadi 2.

Thimirupuduchavan, which was the first among the lot to obtain the censor certificate, had initially eyed the Deepavali weekend of November 6 for release. With Vijay’s Sarkar (which released on the same date) taking up a mammoth share of the theatres, the makers of the movie had no option but to postpone the release of their movie.

The TFPC had set a rule that the makers of small and medium budget movies were to approach the council to obtain a suitable release date. After following due procedure, the makers of Kaatrin Mozhi, Sei, Utharavu Maharaja and Chithiram Pesuthadi 2 had obtained the necessary clearance to release on November 16.

However, the makers of these films have objected to Thimirupudichavan releasing on the same date calling the film out for cutting the queue. Actor Nakul responded with a tweet.

Fatima Vijay Antony, wife of Vijay Antony and producer of the film, has cited that their prior certification makes them eligible for a November 16 release.

Dhananjayan, producer of Kaatrin Mozhi, while giving his take on the issue said that obtaining an early certification did not merit them a release date of their choice. He said that they had to wait their turn since they had missed their original release date.

Mrs. Anotny tweeted later that the makers of Chithiram Pesuthadi were pulling their film out and this made her film eligible for release.

Earlier she had also voiced her displeasure at the Producer’s Council’s inability at regulating the screens allotted for Sarkar on the day of its release. She questioned the council’s obsession with regulating the release date.

Image Courtesy: Studioflicks.com