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“Creating Problems Between Me & DMK Won’t Work”: Khushboo Hits Back At Popular Tamil Magazine

Actress Kushboo at Mirchi Music Awards 2013 - Grand Jury Meet Event

Yesterday, actress Khushboo expressed her anger over an article that was published in a popular Tamil magazine. The article carried her interview with questions on politics and the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. On Twitter, she accused the magazine of twisting her answers to create sensation. She said she won’t leave the matter here, and will take them to court.


“When the media stoops to yellow journalism for sensationalism, #KumudhamReporter proves they can sell anything, even ethics and integrity for money… time to ban such cheap journalism.” She mentioned that the magazine was trying to create unnecessary pre-planned differences between DMK and her, and their plan will not work.

“Any pre-planned prospects or ideas to create a problem between me and the DMK will not work. My gratitude will always remain with them for giving me a platform to rise and reach here in politics. It is very shameful of #KumudhamReporter to try such a cheap trick… sickening.”


She recalled a similar experience she had with the magazine when they wrote a false report about her relationship with late legendary politician Kalaingar Karunanidhi. She said that after the bitter incident, she refused to speak to that particular magazine for a long time. After they apologized a thousand times, she agreed to give an interview. “Deceit is thy the name of #KumudhamReporter. You don’t sell journalism, you sell your upbringing,” she said, adding, “A dog’s tail will always remain curled despite being in a straight pipe for years. #KumudhamRepoter proves they are no different. One cannot change their inborn trait.” She is planning to sue the magazine for the report.

The actress-turned-politician, known for her bold speeches, started her political career in 2010 with the DMK. She quit the party in 2014, but in her tweet, she expressed her gratitude towards the party. She is currently the National Spokesperson of the Congress party.