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Critics Remind People That ‘Super 30’ Director Vikas Bahl Is Not Clear Of Harassment Charges

With the Hrithik Roshan-starrer Super 30 releasing today, some critics have taken to social media to remind people that its director Vikas Bahl was cleared of sexual abuse allegations without following due procedure. He was given a clean chit last month by the Internal Complaints Committee of Phantom Films, the production house co-owned by him.

Ankur Pathak, the editor of Huffpost who first published the account of the ex-employee of Phantom Films who called out Bahl, said the production house has covered up the crime, given him a clean chit and the issue has died down now. “A film is a collaborative cultural product, sure, but that’s precisely why it cannot be analysed in isolation of Bahl’s misconduct. If you watch Super 30, watch it with the consciousness of Bahl’s actions,” he tweeted.

Several others on Twitter asked for the film to be boycotted, saying the artist cannot be separated from his work.

Days before release, Hrithik Roshan said he completely supported the MeToo movement but it should be law abiding. “Like everything else, this movement also has to follow the law of the land. Charges have to be pressed and substantiated in the proper manner. I may feel strongly about something, but we cannot take the law in our hands and dole out mob justice. Since a designated ICC committee has exonerated Vikas, we are not in a position to take away his credit,” he said.

The allegation was made in 2015 but it was reported only last year during MeToo movement. Following huge protests, Hrithik said that he will not work with anyone guilty of sexual harassment and asked Reliance Entertainment, the co-producers of the film to take a harsh stand.


Last month, Phantom Films issued a statement saying they probed the matter with diligence, and cleared Bahl of all charges even though the woman who made the allegation never appeared before the committee for investigation.

The police case filed by her against the director is still pending. The media reports and outrage around the issue have died down.

Image Courtesy: IndiaTV News