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Dad Is Cool About Gabbar-Uttama Villain Release Clash: Shruti

Shruti Haasan, in an interview with The Times of India, said that Kamal Haasan was cool about his film Uttama Villain and Shruti’s Gabbar Is Back releasing on the same date – May 1. “He just said Oh, cool’… it wasn’t like, ‘Ohhh, ghar mein Diwali’… no such drama,” Shruti was quoted by TOI.


Shruti said that she and Kamal were obsessive about their own work. She added that she would prefer to watch her film on the first day and not her dad’s. “Bachpan se I have seen been watching papa’s films. Now I can start watching mine. I have a lot of catching up to do,” she told TOI.

Shruti also spoke about her parents’ acting talents. On her mother Sarika, who is an established actress, Shruti said, “Mum has discreet spontaneity, she has an ease in front of the camera, which comes naturally.” On Kamal, Shruti had the following words: “Dad is a kind of an acting ninja. He attacks you with his acting which is overwhelming.”