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‘Me & Sudeep Aren’t Friends Anymore’: Kannada Actor Darshan Posts On Twitter


The South Indian film industry came to a standstill earlier today when news of a fallout between actors Darshan and Sudeep became public. As students all over said two minutes of prayers for the former best friends, Darshan took to his social media account to lambaste Sudeep, and also to request the media to not speculate about it.

Darshan has also made the reason behind the fallout clear. He tweeted: “In a recent interview, Sudeep took credit for me getting the lead role in my first film, Majestic. Why should Sudeep take credit for something he has not done?”

“I saw this interview recently and was pained by it. Sudeep should clarify as to why he made such a statement,” he demanded.

Following speculations that Darshan’s account may have been hacked (the two are said to have one of the best friendships in the Kannada industry), he also set right the rumours. 

While Kannada media pondered over the fall out, and meme creators got busy with Darshan’s video, a photographer with Silverscreen offered to do a photoshoot with both the actors along the lines of this social media sensation.

Sudeep and Darshan are yet to respond to our photographer’s kind offer.

Pic: The Times of India

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