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Darshan Thoogudeepa Slams Media Reports Of His Accident


Darshan Thogudeepa, in a press meet that was organised yesterday, criticised the way his recent accident was sensationalised by the media. The actor, along with his friends, were on their way back from dinner when the driver lost control of the car and slammed it into a median on Outer Ring Road in North Mysuru. Darshan suffered a fracture in his right forearm while actor Devraj suffered an injury to his chest and left arm. Darshan’s friend Roy Antony and actor Prajwal Devraj also suffered minor injuries.

While Darshan has been discharged from the hospital, the details of the accident have been ‘greatly exaggerated’ by the media, the actor said in a recent press interaction.

“Some say I was driving, some say Roy was driving. All these are baseless allegations. That the media is carrying them without proper evidence is disheartening.”

Curiously, a medico legal certificate mentions that six people were involved in the accident, but the FIR filed by the police mentions only four. This discrepancy was brought to Darshan’s notice, but the actor chose not to comment.

Some reports alleged that after the accident, the car was moved to a farm owned by Darshan in Srirangapatna. “We moved the car as it was in the middle of the road and was a hindrance to incoming traffic. We just moved it to the side, it was not magically taken to some other place. This is all fantasy,” he said.

Asserting his belief that police investigation into the accident will find the truth, Darshan thanked all his fans for their concern. “I heard from my family that my fans were outside the hospital praying for my recovery. I am grateful for their support.”

Darshan then added that he needs to rest for his injury to heal, and that he will take time off from his film related commitments to ensure full recovery. “I know I will bounce back soon. I am taking two months off to rest. I will be back to the sets soon and that’s a promise.”

Darshan and his friends were in Mysuru shooting for his upcoming Odeya.

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