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Dev Singh Gill Is The Lingaa Villain

Dev Singh Gill, who won acclaim for his role in the Telugu superhit Maghadheera, will play the villain in Rajinikanth’s ‘Lingaa’. The actor who did impressive roles in Mr Fraud and Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, says the director was impressed with his ability to carry of any kind of role, especially his period look in Maghadheera.


Speaking to Silverscreen, Gill said, “Rajinikant has such a riveting on screen personality and it is unlikely that when he is there, anybody else gets noticed. So they basically were looking for an actor who could match his screen presence on screen or even come close to it. Lot of actors wanted to do this role.” The actor went on to say that he plays a  “crazy, ferocious never-before seen villain” and that a lot of detail has gone into his look.   He also praised Rajinikanth as “the God among actors,” and signed off saying, ” I feel every man should meet Rajinikanth at least once in his lifetime. It’s an amazing learning experience.”

Picture courtesy: Dev Singh Gill’s Facebook page.